Truffle Recipes

Truffle will elevate a dish to new heights and add another dimension to their partnered ingredients. Truffles pair well with so many different foods; winter root vegetables, grilled, roasted and preserved meats, eggs, cheese, butter, risotto, pasta, seafood and alcohol.  And if you can't get your hands on fresh truffle, our Truffle Paddock range provides year-round truffle goodness, and you can explore truffle recipes for all skills and tastes here!

Truffle Confidential

Truffle Confidential was a digital festival of truffle cooking, conversation and celebration hosted across the Truffle Melbourne Facebook and Instagram channels over three delicious weeks. 

As a celebration of truffles with 40,000 people at Queen Victoria Market wasn't possible this year, we brought together Melbourne's best truffle chefs and food media people to show you how to best use truffles at home. Some are "Cheffy recipes", others are simple dishes you can easily prepare at home, while others are just fun late night demos.

Share your passion and test your cooking skills at home by following along with the recipes. Purchase Truffle Paddock produce via home delivery from and bookmark the recipes that use fresh black winter truffle for the 2021 season! 


Truffled Tortilla RECIPE

Chef Jesse Gerner shows Nigel Wood  how to prepare a traditional Spanish tortilla with truffles


Mac n' Cheese & Truffled Toasties RECIPE

DJ Generik (Tyson O'Brien) and Cam Smith amp up the humble mac n' cheese with truffle 


Tortellini with Fresh Truffle RECIPE

Guy Grossi demonstrates how to nail the ideal pairing of fresh pasta loaded with fresh truffle 

Jerusalem Artichoke, Comte & Truffle Soufflé RECIPE

Chef Philippe Mouchel shows Tara Bishop how to cook the perfect Jerusalem artichoke, with Comté and truffle soufflé 


Duck Leg Confit with Celeriac, Black Garlic & Truffle RECIPE

Chef and author Romu Oudeyer chats with Kyla Kirkpatrick (The Champagne Dame) about the endless merits of teaming truffle with champagne, and prepares a delectable dish


Jerusalem Artichoke & Celeriac Soup, Pork Jowl, Quail Egg RECIPE

Chef Scott Pickett and author Rita Erlich team up to make a decadent truffle soup