Duck leg confit with celeriac, black garlic & truffle

Romu Oudeyer Serves 4


1 x 40g fresh black truffle.

CONFIT | 4 duck legs, 1 TBS Salt, 2 bay leaves, 6 juniper berries, 10 sprigs of thyme, 250g duck fat.

CELERIAC PUREE | 2 celeriac roots, 1 L milk, 250 g butter, 15g finely grated truffle, salt & pepper. 

ANCHOVY & GARLIC CREAM | 1 black garlic head, 50g anchovy, 1 small shallot, 100ml white wine, 1 Tsp butter, 100ml cream. Salt & pepper.

CELERIAC NEST | 1 celeriac root. 1L Oil for frying, salt.

CONFIT EGG YOLKS | 4 egg yolks, 250mls of olive oil. 1L of water (depending on the size of the container)


Preparation time: allow 24 hours to prepare the duck confit.

Cooking time: 3 hours for the duck. 1 hour for the accompaniments.


Marinate the duck the day before with salt, bay leaves, juniper berry and thyme. Leave overnight.

Next day, brush off the marinade and pat the duck dry.

Place the duck legs in a small baking tray. Cover with 250ml melted duck fat.

Cook at 100C degrees for 3.5 hours. The meat should be soft and juicy. 

Drain the fat and keep the legs on the side.

Just before serving, place the duck back in a hot oven to brown for another 20 minutes at 220C. 


Peel and dice the celeriac and measure 4 cups. Place in a pot, season with salt and cover with milk. Simmer for 30 min or until soft. 

Melt the butter and simmer until it turns a nut brown. Allow the white milk solids to sink.

Strain the celeriac and keep the milk. Blend the celeriac in a food processor until very smooth.

Blend in the skimmed brown butter and a splash of the milk to form a puree. Season with salt and pepper. Place the puree back into a saucepan ready to warm through to serve.

Use a micro plane to grate 15g of fresh truffle and stir through at the last minute.


Peel the garlic and shallot and chop roughly with the anchovy. Sauté on low heat in a saucepan with a little butter.

Deglaze with the white wine and cream. 

Blend in a food processor. Keep warm.


Peel and slice the celeriac. Cut into matchsticks and deep fry at 180C degrees until golden and crunchy. Turn out onto paper towel. Toss with sea salt. Serve at room temperature.


Separate the yolks from eggwhites. Set up a metal container with 250ml olive oil. Slide in the 4 egg yolks.

Set the container in a water bath at 65C for 30mins. The egg yolks should be set yet still soft.

Scoop out the egg yolks with a tablespoon, draining the oil as you go. Serve at room temperature.

To Serve:

Lay out four dish bowls. 

Smear a base of the celeriac truffle puree as the base. 

Place a duck leg, then a large pinch of the celeriac crisp on top of this. 

Balance an egg yolk, and sprinkle around some of the black garlic puree. 

Finish with a generous shaving of fresh black truffle and a few sprigs of water cress.


Chef Romu's delicate, divine and utterly delectable truffle dish to try at home

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