Truffled Toastie, Truffled Mac n Cheese and Truffled Baked Potato

DJ Generik & Cam Smith Serves 2


30gr Fresh Black Truffle

Truffle Paddock Salt of the Earth

Truffle Paddock Holy Moly Truffle Aioli

Truffle Paddock Happy Days Dijonaise

Truffle Paddock Truffle Met an Olive Oil

TRUFFLED TOASTIE | 4 thick slices of white bread, 100g Comté Cheese grated, 100g Cheddar Cheese grated, 50g Butter, 150g Shaved Smoked Ham. 

TRUFFLED MAC N CHEESE | 1 x Box Kraft Mac N Cheese. 

TRUFFLED BAKED POTATO | 2 x Baked Potatoes. Sour Cream, 200g Cheddar Cheese.


Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 15 mins


Lay the four slices of white (day old sourdough) bread out on a chopping board. Spread butter on the faced up pieces. Decide on a build side.

From here, spread a good dollop of Holy Moly Truffle Aioli, lay on the ham, now grate over the truffle. A microplane is best for this.

Now pile on the cheeses. A combination of cheeses is best. One for flavour and one for meltyness. Close with the lid and butter this side too. Place the closed sandwich butter side down onto the hot surface. Spread the top side with butter ready to be turned.

These need to be gently cooked to result in a good melted centre and a golden brown and crunchy outside.

A sandwich press is the best. However, a frypan with another fry pan on top also works well.

Once the toasties are ready, cut them in half. Go the triangles. Now finely grate more fresh truffle over the top. Finish with a light sprinkling of Salt of the Earth Truffle Salt.


Follow the instructions on the box. In the final stages of cooking, stir through 1 Tbs of Happy Days Dijonaisse and finish with Salt of the Earth Truffle Salt and plenty of grated fresh truffle.


The potatoes that are best for baking are the starchy varieties. They become fluffy and creamy when they are baked. Russets, Desiree and King Edward are good.

Wash the potatoes very well and spike them all over with a small sharp knife. 

Place them in an oven for about 1.5 hours at 160C. If you have the time, it is better to bake them for a longer period of time in a slower oven as then they won’t become too leathery.

When they are soft all the way through, cross hatch the top with a knife. Use your finger tips to gently push the potato open.

Now douse with Truffle Oil and salt. Allow this to really sink in. Now rain down some cheese, grate the first layer of truffle on next.

Repeat with grated cheese and truffle to finish. 



Late night munchies for hungry times when comfort food gets a little bit classy.

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