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Skin & Co Umbrian Truffle Body Oil 120ml

Truffle Skincare

Treat yourself to a light, rich and aromatic body oil, to deeply hydrate the skin and deliver potent anti-oxidants. Our famous Truffle Extract is infused here with organic sunflower oil to moisturise your skin and it has been modified to be light enough not to clog your pores and help with your overall healthy, youthful appearance.

WHAT’S IN IT? Organic Sunflower Oil, Truffle Extract WHAT’S NOT? Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Paraffin

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Truffle Skincare

We’re thrilled to bring SKIN&CO’s truffle inspired skincare range to Australia. Handcrafted in the golden hills of Umbria, SKIN&CO blends the past with the present and tradition with innovation. The SKIN&CO commitment is to provide customers with real results using natural recipes that are infused with time tested botanicals and elements of science. At the heart of SKIN&CO’s luxurious formulas, the Black Winter Truffle possesses powerful antioxidant and antiaging properties, as well as unique sensorial powers that enhance the Mediterranean experience. Perfect as a gift, but even more perfect if that gift is for you.