Truffle Treasures

Truffle Hunts in June, July & August

Truffle Treasures was established in 2007 in the Goldfields Region of central Victoria using Holly Oak trees inoculated with Tuber melanosporum (the Perigord black truffle). Hosting truffle events since 2010 to provide the opportunity for people to experience the sight, texture, aroma and taste of earth's 'black gold' first hand, Truffle Treasures' aim is to bring people and truffles together, so that the enjoyment of this culinary delicacy can be widely shared. 

Near Daylesford in Central Victoria (exact location and directions provided prior to hunt)

Truffle Hunt with Abbie and Holly

Don your hat, coat, gloves, scarf and sturdy boots to experience the thrill of the hunt led by our clever canine scent detectives Abbie and Holly. Participate in the archaeological dig to gently unearth our prized black gold. See it, touch it, smell it and join us in our purpose built truffle facility for a taste of truffles coupled with an informative fire-side chat. Warm up in front of the fire and awaken your senses to the earthy pleasure that is black truffle. Fresh truffles will be available for sale!



Private Dining at the Truffle Melbourne Festival

Fresh winter truffle in pizzas, toasties and more!
Truffle Hunts in the Dandenongs

Gembrook Truffles

Family run truffle farm in the Dandenong Ranges