Truffle burger

Lasse Povlsen Serves 1


A 160g freshly ground beef patty for each burger (you can use a vegetarian patty if your prefer)

A pinch of Truffle Paddock salt (we prefer ‘Black Beauty’ as it lends a rich smoked flavor to the burger)

A good strong cheddar cheese

One bun, sliced, add this to the pan or BBQ (BBQ is preferred) just after you’ve added the cheese

Cos lettuce and our Truffle Paddock King of the Ketchups

Adding a bit of the aioli to each burger makes an extra truffly treat!


This one uses meat, but vegetarian patties work just as well

First, have your butcher mince up some nice flavorsome beef, and source a nice burger bun, (brioche or milk buns are always pretty good)

Season with Truffle Paddock salt before putting your patties on a hot pan or BBQ and get a good caramelization. Then flip it, add the cheese and turn the heat down while the cheese is melting.

Remove from the heat and plate up, with two crunchy leaves of lettuce placed on the bottom bun followed by the beef

Add a nice dose of our truffle ketchup and/or truffle aioli on both buns.

Ennis Rowland-Wood
Turn a meat or vegetarian patty into a truffle delight

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