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Truffle Melbourne Stainless Steel Shaver

Truffle Tools

Our Italian-made monogramed adjustable stainless steel truffle slicer produces wafer thin slices to maximise the release of your truffle’s aroma. The professional way to shave truffle directly over grilled steak, seafood, roasted vegetables, mashed potato, pasta, scrambled eggs or to use while making your truffle butter. During truffle slicing down time, your shaver is great for slicing hard cheeses, other small vegetables such as radish, zucchini, and even ginger and garlic. 

No foodie's kitchen is complete without one.

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Truffle Tools

Any self-respecting truffle lover needs and deserves the right equipment. A monogramed Truffle Melbourne stainless steel truffle slicer is all you need to get you slicing those wafer thin slices of fresh and preserved truffles all over your culinary creations. Truffle Melbourne slicers are Italian made stainless steel with an adjustable blade, which is also useful for shaving your parmesan onto your kitchen creations.