Hummus with Mushrooms, Baharat, Pine Nuts, Chickpeas & Truffle

Daniel Giraldo



700gr soaked & cooked chickpeas 

200gr tahini 

300ml cooking liquid from the chickpeas

10gr flaked salt

100ml lemon

5 cloves garlic 


4 large pine mushrooms cut into wedges

100gr cooked chickpeas 

2 cloves garlic, finely sliced

1 shallot finely sliced 

30gr toasted pine nuts 

50 gr butter 

1/2 bunch chives finely sliced

1 tspn  baharat (lebanese seven spice)

1 lemon 

flake salt 

1 tbsp date molasses

300ml chicken stock

Black truffles

50ml olive oil



Place chickpeas, tahini, garlic and half the liquid in a food processor. 

Blitz on a high speed, add liquid as required for blitzing until smooth. 

Once a smooth puree, add your flake salt and lemon juice 

Remove from the food processor and place into an airtight container until required. 


Place a large pan on a high heat and drizzle olive oil

Once the pan is very hot add your chickpeas and allow them to get toasted and crunchy, once they are golden brown remove from the pan and place on absorbing paper to absorb excess oil. 

Place pan back on the heat, drizzle a touch of olive oil

Add shallots and garlic and sweat off. 

Add pine mushrooms, baharat and sautee 

Add chicken stock and bring to the boil 

Allow this to boil hard then add the date molasses and butter 

Allow this to boil and reduce by half, once looking glossy remove from the heat.

Add your pine nuts,chives and season with salt and lemon juice as required, mix well.

Add your chickpeas last to avoid getting soggy, spoon over the humus and shave truffles over the top and enjoy.

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