Truffles at Home

Victoria's 2020 winter truffle season is destined up to be one of the best yet - producing a bounty of fresh truffle for you to share with friends and family or as a gloriously lush treat for yourself. For breakfast, lunch and dinner - we have you covered! 

Whether buying fresh truffle from our Queen Vic Market Pop-Up Stall or online for home delivery, the team at Truffle Melbourne know their stuff and will happily guide you in your pursuit of the elusive 'black gold'. 

We hope to have fresh 2020 season black winter truffles by 28 May so you can savour this unique seasonal flavours. Or simply tickle your tastebuds with something from our 'Truffle Paddock' range that uses truffles grown at our truffle farm 'Truffle Paddock' in Gippsland, Victoria.

We aim to add value to our truffles by pairing them with quality ingredients produced in the hands of experienced makers, combining the truffle with the finest ingredients from our artisan partners. Truffles are a flavour enhancer and add another dimension to your dishes - some heat with fat and acid will showcase their talents. And with truffles, a little goes a long way - you only need 2-5 grams per person per dish to showcase their talents.The truffle’s volatile organic compounds are fat soluble, so pairing truffles with ingredients that are high in natural fats is a perfect match - butter, cream, animal fat, eggs - all the glorious comforts of winter.

Looking for inspiration? We have a selection of recipes to tempt you (we'll be adding more soon) and you can also follow these step-by-step videos to impress and delight!