Truffle Paddock product use suggestions

Serves 2



Each of these produce use suggestions offers a delicious outcome for two or more.

Drip Drizzle and Dress Ponzu dressing

- dipping dumplings

- tempura dipping sauce

- sushi and sashimi dipping sauce

- drizzle over grilled fish

- finish steamed or stir fried  vegetables with a splash and a knob of butter

- as a dressing for fresh oysters

- pre-grilling marinade for steak and fish

- dressing for Asian slaw

- cured fish dressing


Pimp My Pasta & The Sauce Is Sloshed sauces

- pasta sauce

- nachos topping

- chicken parmigiana topping

- pizza base

- lasagna filling

- base for a casserole or slow cooked braise

- shakshuka eggs

- add to a Bolognese


Truffle Met An Olive truffle oil

- use a little with scrambled, poached, fried eggs and omelette

- dipping oil for fresh crusty bread

- drizzle over steamed/grilled vegetables

- drizzle over BBQ steak, salmon, chicken, lamb

- use in a salad dressing

- fold through mashed potatoes

- use with sautéed mushrooms


Black Beauty & Salt Of The Earth truffle salts

- used as finishing salt over eggs, potato chips, steak, fried rice, popcorn, vegetables, salads, fish

- cheese toastie



Holy Moly Truffle Aioli

- burgers

- chips

- sandwiches

- condiment for all meats and fish

- dip for fresh prawns

- dip for vegetable sticks

- condiment for arancini and croquettes

- dollop onto a baked potato


Pass The Truffle Honey, Black Gold, Creme De La Crème truffled honeys

- drizzle over cheese; blue, brie, parmesan, manchego, fresh ricotta. Serve with thinly sliced fruit bread, cheese and a drizzle of honey

- on toast, crumpet, pancakes

- caramelised carrots, onions, roasted vegetables

- roast chicken to caramelise the skin

- use in a cheese based (gruyere is ideal) truffle toastie

- popcorn

- drizzle over ice-cream

- roasted figs drizzled with truffle honey

- baked stone fruit drizzled with truffle honey


Best Dressed truffle salad dressing

- salad dressing

- dip for vegetables

- potato salad

- pasta salad

- coleslaw dressing

- dip for fresh crusty bread

- baste over grilled chicken and fish

- dress a smashed avocado on toasted rye

- dress poached asparagus


Happy Days Dijonaisse truffle dijonaisse

- burgers

- condiment for all BBQ meats and chicken

- sandwich and toastie spread

- dip for vegetables and chips

- add to your salad dressing

Erica Boyd-White
A huge range of delicious truffle treats at home awaits you!

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