Truffle duck baguette

Lasse Povlsen Serves 1


Some confit duck (thighs are best we think, as they offer a rich flavor). We confit our own duck in heaps of duck fat. Or source some shredded chicken as an alternative

A good wholesome baguette (stone baked is quite nice)

A little truffle salt and truffle oil

Fresh rocket.


Duck and truffle are natural partners – the fattiness of the duck carries and amplifies the truffle flavours. 

Slice the baguette length wise, smear butter on the inside and drizzle in a bit of truffle oil, then add a good handful of rocket spread out

Heat your duck on a pan, pot or the oven and season with a bit of truffle salt. When ready, load up the baguette and enjoy!

Duck and truffles are natural partners

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