Tropical truffle panna cotta

Lasse Povlsen Serves 2


A fresh mango – or frozen if you can’t get a fresh one


Coconut milk

Raw sugar

Your favourite Truffle Paddock honey

Mint to decorate.


Mango is one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of summer. Fresh and blended to a smooth sauce, nestle it around a coconut panna cotta and drizzled with delicious truffle honey.

We use 0.7 grams of Agar per 100 gram of coconut milk and 10 grams of raw sugar. Bring the milk and the sugar to the boil, whisk in the agar and stir for about 3 minutes then pour into a mold and let set for about 3 hours (we use those little plastic cups you see at water fountains for our moulds – easy to find and inexpensive)

Get a fresh mango, make as much diced as possible and simply blend the rest smooth

Invert your mold to serve onto your serving dish

Surround this with the blended mango

Drizzle with truffle hone and decorate with leaf of mint!

Ennis Rowland-Wood
An impressive truffle desert

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