Tasty, gooey truffle toastie

Lasse Povlsen Serves 1


For this upgraded classic, choose a good sourdough bread, delicious Gruyere cheese (another firm Swiss cheese can do), Truffle Paddock Dijonnaise and a truffle honey to give it the sweetness and punch of acidity that really cuts through all the cheese.

Your favourite ham can be a welcome addition.


Spread the dijonnaise on two pieces of bread, grate loads of cheese onto each piece and drizzle truffle honey onto one piece, adding the other on top.

Spread a bit of butter on one side (we prefer Lurpak) and place the buttered side down on a pan, then turn it on, medium heat. Spread butter on the other side and flip the toastie when there is good colour on the bottom

Adding sliced ham of any variety is a welcome addition. To do this, lower the heat, add the ham to the pan (heats faster and helps the cheese to melt when you put it in your toastie) and when the ham is hot put, into the toastie

Remove and halve it when ready, then serve.

Ennis Rowland-Wood
A quick and easy path to truffle heaven

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