Gnocchi with Truffled Four Cheeses

Dario di Clerico, Thats Amore Cheese Serves 4


500 g gnocchi

100 g Ricotta

100 g Caciocavallo, grated

100 g Pepper pecorino, diced

100 g Scamorza, diced

1 cup thick cream


1 tbsp fresh black truffle 


Bring to boil a large pot of water with 2 tbsp of salt to cook gnocchi in it.

In a large saucepan heat up cream, then add ricotta, caciocavallo, pecorino and scamorza and cook until melted.

In the meantime cook the gnocchi, stirring gently, until tender, about 1 minute after they rise to the surface. Remove the gnocchi from the water with a slotted spoon of skimmer, draining them well, and transfer to the saucepan.  Shave on top the fresh truffle. Enjoy! 


Germany's answer to mac n' cheese, with a decadent truffle twist

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