Red Hill Truffles

Focus on Fungi 10:30am- approx. 2:30pm

Join us for a fun and informative winter’s day in the hinterland of Red Hill.

The day will be spent in equal parts hunting truffles with Jenny McAuley and her dog Thomas at Red Hill Truffles and learning about mushrooms with farmers from Benton Rise.

Learn about different varieties of edible mushroom and how to grow them. Experience the thrill of a truffle hunt through the oak and hazelnut trees and see super sniffer Thomas at work. Touch, smell, photograph and even purchase a freshly dug truffle.

Enjoy a lunch of truffle and mushroom treats prepared by a French Michelin Star chef with wine from Elgee Park and discover the best ways to store, prepare, cook and serve both truffles and mushrooms.

Focus on Fungi 10:30am- approx. 2:30pm

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