Truffle Ale & Cider

This is Australia's best, easy drinking truffle beer and truffle cider and we're pleased to bring them to you via online ordering only (and of course at the Truffle Bar at our Queen Victoria Market weekend). The Truffle Ale is devilishly dark, with aromas of truffle, fruitcake, toffee and chocolate while the Cider is a cloudy vintage style showcasing the truffle

Truffle Ale & Cider

Break out the truffle beer or cider to make the most of your truffle feast or snacks. Australia's best truffle beer and cider and are available online by ordering through Truffle Melbourne - both contain real truffle and they're made in the centre of WA's truffle growing territory.

The Truffle Ale is a very full dark ale which complements truffle notes in the truffle snacks or dinner you'll prepare, while the cider is a light, cloudy style which is very easy drinking.

You can order by the carton - the Ale is an 8 pack of 500 Ml bottles while the Cider is a 12 pack of 500 Ml bottles

You must be over 18 to place your order with us, which the brewery will then ship to you direct. Shipping on both the beer and the cider is free.