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Gift Tote - Reusable Truffle Tote

Gift Packs & Collections

Luxurious gift giving that's reusable and affordable.

Every good truffle product needs its own tote and this little fully lined tote can hold three to five truffle products. And then live on as a lunch tote long after it's delicious contents have been devoured and enjoyed! Just select this option and then your chosen contents (up to 5 Truffle Paddock products) in the same online order - so easy!

Add to cart each $4

Gift Packs & Collections

Of course any truffle product can be a gift but Truffle Melbourne have sourced a few ready to go gift packs and we've put together some of our Truffle Paddock items together to form the perfect gift, whatever the occasion. Next time you're invited to friends or family for dinner, ditch the bottle of wine and give the gift of truffle. You’ll be invited back!