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Sabatino Truffle Carpaccio 25gm

Preserved Truffle & Juice

Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio are packed in olive oil. The thin truffle slices can be mixed into your favorite dishes like pasta, risotto, and mashed potatoes. The reserved brine and reserved oil can also be used for other applications, such as dressings.

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also in our Preserved Truffle & Juice range

Preserved Truffle & Juice

Our range of preserved truffles includes a wide variety of produce, sourced internationally and locally. Truffles preserved by the traditional French method of high pressure cooking with water and just a little salt produces a superb truffle base for just about any dish, savoury or dessert style. Then there are truffles in brandy and Italian, Spanish and Australian made truffle sauces. These make an affordable and quick to prepare base for any truffle dish.