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Sabatino Summer Truffle Oil 250ml

Infused Oils

Truffles are one of the world’s most complex and enticing foods. They add maturity and complexity to a number of dishes that could sometimes do with a little flavour boost.  Captured in the Summer Truffle Oil are the rich aroma properties of the Summer truffle, also known as “the fruit of the woods". 

It takes only a few drops to enhance the flavour of any number of dishes, salad, pasta, risotto, eggs, mushroom dishes and mashed potatoes, and a change from Black or White truffle oil.

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Infused Oils

Truffle Melbourne has put together an exceptional range of truffle oils sourced from the great truffle producing countries; Italy, Spain and of course, Australia. It's amazing how just a few drops or a drizzle of truffle infused olive oil can transform a dish. From your morning breakfast of scrambled eggs through to your evening meal of grilled steak and salad, there are so many possible applications. And they’re an affordable way to get a truffle taste - certainly not be to be saved just for special occasions.