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Sabatino Black Truffle Oil 55ml

Infused Oils and Vinegar

Sabatinos Black Truffle Infused Oil combines the robust and earthy aroma of black truffle with pure olive oil from Umbria, Italy, made by local producers. The subdued olive oil taste allows the true essence of the black truffle to shine through. 

Truffle oil is best used as a finishing oil. It has great versatility and can be used for salads, risottos, pasta, and mashed potatoes. Try drizzling your truffle oil over scrambled eggs, fries, or pop-corn – Yum!

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Infused Oils and Vinegar

Truffle Melbourne has put together an exceptional range of truffle oils sourced from the great truffle producing countries; Italy, Spain and of course, Australia. It's amazing how just a few drops or a drizzle of truffle infused olive oil can transform a dish. From your morning breakfast of scrambled eggs through to your evening meal of grilled steak and salad, there are so many possible applications. And they’re an affordable way to get a truffle taste - certainly not be to be saved just for special occasions.