Truffles and celebration are natural partners

Whether it's Truffles on your Christmas Table or Truffle under your Tree, a little truffle luxury goes a long way. 

Our Drip, Drizzle & Dress Black truffle Ponzu sauce is a superb matching for your freshly shucked oysters or sushi. And Pass the Truffle Honey is great drizzled over your roasting vegetables or on your cheese platter. Simple treats to lift anyone's Christmas Day!

Truffles and luxury go hand in hand – so they’re the perfect gift. Your foodie friends will appreciate truffle products under the Christmas tree. Affordable luxuries and marvellous truffle treat surprises await! Our Black Gold Truffle Honey contains over 8 grams of Australian grown French black truffle, so it's a real treat. Our Holy Moly Truffle Aioli is the smoothest aioli you've ever tasted - it's bound to be appreciated!

Truffle experiences are also on offer for Christmas. We have a limited number of Truffle Hunt  Gift vouchers on offer. These are for hunts next winter at our own farm, the Truffle Paddock, in Gippsland Victoria.

Truffles for your Christmas Table

We love prawns with our Holy Moly Truffle Aioli - a real luxury. Baked ham drizzled with your favourite truffle honey is so tasty. Our Ponzu Dip, Drizzle and Dress sauce is superb with seafood - on the side with your oyster, sushi or smoked salmon. Green vegetable just love our Truffle Met an Olive truffle oil and why not finish with Pass the Truffle Honey on your cheese-board? Delicious!

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Truffles for your Tree

Affordable luxuries for your foodie friends and family. Truffle gifts almost shout "Luxury", "Indulgence". Most of our range is under $20 so you can lash out a bit. Affordable treats under the tree. Our Fancy Beans are beautifully made and a simple heat and eat treat. Our Holy Moly Truffle Aioli is our best seller and it's no surprise why - the smoothest aioli in town. And our three different truffle honeys are very special - made with our friends at Melbourne Rooftop Honey, they will lift any cheese platter.

Truffle Gifts

2019 Truffle Hunt Gift Vouchers

Truffle hunts are one of the most unique winter experiences – just you, the dog and the morning mist – then the sweetest perfume – a fresh truffle still in the earth!

We keep guest numbers to a maximum of six, so guests are really joining a small private truffle hunting party. Vouchers are transferable but cannot be cancelled – we hunt rain or shine!

Truffle Hunt Vouchers