2018 Market Truffle Trail

The Epicurean Delicatessen

Shop14-16, Dairy Hall

Tempting truffle tastes include a selection of cows milk cheese with truffle- Panettone Tartufo, Bocheto al Tartufo, Truffle Caciota Truffle Brie and Truffle Cheddar; Sheep's milk with truffle; Murray River Truffle Salt; Truffle Mayonnaise; Truffle slices and Black or White Truffle Oil

Bill's Farm

Shop 17-20, Dairy Hall

Bill's Farm sources the best foods and products from around Australia and the World, including delectable cheeses like the Rouzaire Brie Aux Truffles and Pecorino al Tartufo, along with select oils, honeys, truffle salsa and truffle salami.


Books for Cooks 

129-131 Therry St

A Melbourne institution selling new and old books about wine, food, the culinary arts and with a special truffle focus all weekend.

Koko Black

Shop 71- 72, Dairy Hall

Have you tried Koko Black's "other" truffle? The classic Belgian truffle is their signature chocolate and the one that most resembles the famous fungus truffle.

Curds & Whey

Shop 12-13, Dairy Hall

Explore the range of more than fifteen local and international truffled cheeses cut to order- from Woombye Truffle Triple Brie and Truffle Cheddar to Truffle Delice des Cremiers, Oveja con Trufa and Gutshöfer Trüffel (truffle Gouda)!

The Eggporium

Stall 43-48 I Shed

The largest and freshest range of eggs, sourced from specially-selected farms across Australia- stock up on truffled free-range eggs and truffled quail eggs.

Coffea Cafe

521 Elizabeth St

Coffea will be baking truffle shortbread, serving scrambled eggs with truffle, and cooking dishes with truffle sausages, truffle pecorino and truffle Parmesan.

Gewurzhaus Herb & Spice Merchants

Shop 7-9, Dairy Hall

Offering over 350 house-made blends and single origin spices from around the world, stock up on black or white truffle salt, or treat yourself to truffle salt milk chocolate

Rare Organics

Stall 79 - 80, I Shed

Rare Organics specialise in sourcing the highest quality organic products that are purely based on organic and biodynamic farming methods- look out for their truffle oil. 

The Land of Soy and Honey

Shop 10-11, Dairy Hall

Stocking an extensive range of honey, including the powerful antibacterial Manuka honey, and delightful truffle honey from Western Australia.

The French Shop

Shop 1-2, Dairy Hall

Stock up on truffle mayonnaise (France), truffle salt (Italy), truffle paste (Italy) and a fine selection of truffled oils from Europe.

Queen Vic Deli

Shop 36-38, Dairy Hall

The first ever trader to sell fresh truffles at QVM, they'll continue the tradition across the weekend with fresh truffles, cheeses and all kinds of delectable products.

The Corner Larder

Shop 33- 35, Dairy Hall 

Drop by The Corner Larder to stock up on truffled cheeses, French and Italian truffle oils, and everyone's favourite- Quattro Stelle Tartufo (salami with truffle)

Pickett's Deli & Rotisserie

Cnr Elizabeth & Terry St

Take a seat at the communal table or at the counter….watch the rotisserie turn, and enjoy a selection of snacks and dishes showcasing Victorian produce at it’s best. Try their featured festival dish- truffle & brie toastie, mushroom, ketchup 


Hellenic Deli

Shop 39-40, Dairy Hall

Specialising in all things Greek and sourcing unique and quality products- try the infused truffle oil and truffle balsamic.


Dianne's Delights

Shop 43-46, Dairy Hall

Carrying on the homemade tradition from three generations of dips, dolmades and so much more- their homemade truffle salami will delight the senses.

M&G Caiafa

Shop 66-70, Dairy Hall

Serving a range of artisan breads and pastries for 40 years, enjoy freshly baked goods and the festival special- Truffle Croque Monsieur.

Sylvia’s Premium Quality Delicatessen

Shop 61-65, Dairy Hall

Offering a decadent selection of high quality produce, and featuring Victorian Organic Truffle Oil (from The Grampians), Truffle Gouda (only seller of this in Australia) and Truffle Cheddar. 

Traditional Pasta Shop

Shop 5-6, Dairy Hall

Serving fresh homemade truffle treats to take home throughout the festival- Handmade Pork and Truffle Ravioli, Artichoke and Truffle Tortelloni and Truffle, Potato and Goats Cheese Ravioli.