Every weekend from 21 June you’ll be able to join a hunt.

The Truffle Melbourne 2014 hunt program starts on 21st June. We’ve teamed up with 4 boutique Victorian growers who’ll share their truffle secrets, offering you a chance to join the smartest truffle dogs in sniffing out fresh black diamonds. Four different truffieres to choose from – all no more than 90 minutes from town.

About your hunt hosts:
We’ve chosen 4 boutique Victorian truffle growers to showcase. All within 90 minutes of town, and all successful growers. Easy to go, and easy to book here.

Black Cat Truffles

Our friends Lynette and Andres at Black Cat Truffles are great hosts and they’re successful truffle growers of not only the French black truffle, but also the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum). They hosted a sold out “picnic in the truffle patch” event for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival in March and have built a special tasting shed for the 2014 season. One of their hunts is paired with a truffle lunch at nearby Captains Creek Winery, another features local chef Peter Ford offering hands-on truffle cooking classes. All their hunts offer 3 truffle tastings.

A TASTE OF TRUFFLES (12/7, 26/7, 27/7)
Put on your gumboots and let Ella the truffle dog show you how she hunts truffles. Then join us for a selection of truffle tastings in our new tasting shed.

A one day cooking class with well-known local chef Peter Ford. Hunt for the elusive truffle with truffle dog Ella then learn how to cook simple dishes and get the most out of your truffles. You won’t leave hungry.

Join us at Black Cat Truffles for a morning of information, truffle hunting with truffle dogs Ella & Sally, & morning tea. Then we all shuffle off to the very popular Captains Creek Winery for a 3 course truffle lunch with a complementary glass of wine.
Pick your date:
Sunday 13th July, – Truffle Shuffle $160
Sunday 20th July, – Truffles Made Easy $160
Saturday 26th July, – A Taste of Truffles $110
Sunday 27th July, – A Taste of Truffles $110
Sunday 3rd August – Truffles Made Easy $160

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Truffle Treasures

Sue and Sharon Daly at Truffle Treasures have been instrumental in growing the Victorian truffle industry. They have forged a fabulous partnership with nearby Sault Restaurant, just outside Daylesford, and each year the chefs at Sault eagerly look forward to their truffle harvest.  All their hunts offer 3 truffle tasters.

Unravel the mystery of earth’s black gold.
Are you interested in understanding what the fuss about truffles is all about?
What does a fresh truffle really look, smell and taste like? Don your coat, scarf, hat, gloves and boots and come along to unravel the mystery with a truffle hunt and truffle tastings at Truffle Treasures. Join our canine crew, Abbie and Holly to experience first-hand the joy of harvesting earth’s black gold!

Pick your date:
Sunday 10th August

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Oakhill Truffles

Ian and Merilyn Woodhouse of Oakhill Truffles have one of the prettiest truffieres in Australia. They’re former graziers from Victoria’s Western District, and their dog Sally is an expert. Together with Black Cat and Truffle Treasures, they’re part of the Secret Truffle Society, and really engaged in the Daylesford, Macedon Ranges and Ballarat artisan food community. And again, tasters at their hunt. Pick your date:
Saturday 9th August
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Yarra Valley Truffles

At Yarra Valley Truffles, Stuart Dunbar’s dog Bear is one of the most learned in the country, because he sits alongside Stuart while he makes copious notes about every tree and truffle in his patch! Last season, this team unearthed a 700g truffle – bigger than a cricket ball! Stuart knows pretty much every truffle in his patch, as he monitors each truffle as they ripen towards harvest. Pick your date:
Saturday 2nd August,
Saturday 16th August

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Truffle hunting etiquette: Nature rules! Because visitors can bring unwanted and competing fungi and other organisms into a truffle paddock, we ask that everyone be prepared to dip their shoes in a bleach-bath before entering the paddock. So leave the high heels in the car or bring the gumboots!
The other 2 main rules are:

  • don’t step across the rows – truffles can grow up to 2 metres from their host tree, and stepping on them will probably kill them, and
  • don’t talk with the dogs while they’re hunting. They need to stay focused to bring home your truffles!

Read more about truffles and biosecurity on the Yarra Valley Truffles website.
Your truffle hunt hosts are there to guide, advise and welcome you. After you enrol for a hunt, you’ll be able to check details with your hosts and share contact details.

Let the hunt begin! Book yours here.